Our Method

Turning your project into a success is the focus of our business. Making plans, budgets, and expectations become reality means we take seriously each and every step of the process. Take a moment and view some important steps in the construction process – a difference from Harvest that drives project success.

Step 1

Accurate Estimation

From the beginning we are watching your expenses. Each project manager is handling your estimate personally which insures that the details you communicate are actually reflected in the final estimate. We don’t cut corners in materials. Instead, we work to determine and recommend the most cost-effective, quality proven materials for each aspect of your project. We also keep costs under control by leveraging competitive material sources. Your final estimate is something you can trust with hours of a dedicated construction team standing behind every detail.

Step 2

Team Construction

Your construction project is a unique mixture of designs, budgets, and decision makers. We take the concept of teamwork to a different level, building a team specifically created to match those unique aspects and demands of your project. Your Harvest Construction team…

  • begins with Harvest employees who are the best fit for your type of project
  • establishes reliable estimates based on specific project experience
  • delivers cost-effective construction through leveraging competitive sourcing
  • is selected to fit your timeline, your needs, and your expectations
  • becomes your team, serving your best interests in every phase of construction
Step 3

Efficiency Standards

Time is money. We value your time and your money. We protect your money, your project investment, through a level of efficiency based on a hands-on approach. Our project managers are on site regularly managing every aspect of your project. Our superintendents are proactive by addressing on-site issues quickly. Our sub-contractors understand how we operate and our expectations for their performance. Employees at every level learn how Harvest makes happy customers; construction that moves quickly without sacrificing quality.

Step 4

Consistent Honesty

An honest approach in business is refreshing, but in the construction industry, it is the only way to do business. We will tell you the plain truth. From the final estimate, to the timeline, to the materials being used, we stand by our word and the commitments we have made. No hidden costs, no false commitments to deadlines, no sub-standard materials – it’s just the plain truth from Harvest.

Step 5

Effective Communication

Access to one another at any time during the project can determine its success. Communication begins with our complete understanding of your project expectations. Once the project begins, we establish a communication protocol based on what you want; giving you the oversight and information you want. Project challenges that surface are addressed quickly so that your timeline remains in tact. Project communication between you and our team becomes a great asset in maintaining your schedule.

Last Step

Long-term Partnerships

Return business from long term and new clients has been a characteristic of our business. Harvest has become a partner in the growth of many large and small companies based on consistent results and quality construction. We believe that our history of strong relationships extends to our partners in architecture, engineering, and other construction professionals. We take pleasure in pursuing the quality of the relationship first - with clients and professionals alike.

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